How to help your business survive the pandemic.

The way consumers are making purchasing decisions around the world is changing.

It doesn't matter whether you sell products or services, B2C or B2B.

Most businesses are suffering.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic more businesses than ever are closing. According to a report published by Yelp, about 60% of those businesses that have closed, will never re-open again and the downward spiral is set to continue.

From surviving to thriving :Business after COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, your business has to adapt, to survive, and now is the time to take action to ensure you're not a part of those statistics. Most businesses are asking themselves “how do I drive customers to my door ?“ or “how do I compete with businesses that have millions to spend on marketing?” or simply just looking for a light at the end of the tunnel during these unique times.


So how exactly are some able to stay one step ahead of the current uncertainty while others can’t?


They are simply choosing to secure their future by investing in online marketing agencies.


Take Sol Media for example, a little known online marketing agency based in the heart of Israel. They are small, but their results are great!. Certified Google and Facebook partners,they initially started helping local businesses grow and thrive online, until companies around the world soon started to take notice and take action


Their marketing formula actually works and drives high returns on investment!


For example, a Greek based real estate agent who, with the help of Sol Media, was able to make the shift online and go global to find foreign investors for his properties.


Or this business in Ireland that sells a range of big button mobile phones for the elderly, they went from local newspaper advertisements to online advertising and increased their returns by 40%.


So, whether you’re looking for an agency that delivers a full marketing support service, or just one or two services to suit your needs, Sol Media aims to provide every business a big agency experience, without the big agency price tag. From Ad campaigns and content creation, right through to B2B lead generation, Sol Media are leading experts in engaging audiences and converting clicks to customers.


Is your business in need of..


  • Lead generation?

  • Better conversion rates?

  • Brand awareness?

  • Higher engagement?

  • More followers?


If you answered yes to one or all, help is on the way! Sol Media will work with you to formulate a strategic growth plan that will help you not only boost your business during these unique times, but also beyond.


Enter your details today for a free discovery call with Sol Media and find out exactly how they can help you and your business beat the current trend and let the future be different for you.

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